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When it comes to your finances, it's important to stay informed. That's why the team at Mortgage Choice Blackburn have put together a simple blog to help you understand more about finances & property so you can make better choices for a better life.

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June 2019 interest rate cut

Are you wondering what the interest rate drop this week means to you? Watch the video for some explanation

Suite of Services

Of course we can help you with your Home loan, but what else can Mortgage Choice Blackburn help you with? The video bel…

The home loan application process

Whether you're a first home buyer or purchasing for the second, third or fourth time, the home loan application process…

Make fortnightly repayments

Home loan tip - Make fortnightly repayments There have been many calculations done, and authors have even published b…

Make lump sum repayments

Home loan tip - Make lump sum repayments Sometimes life helps us out with a lump sum of money – maybe a work bonus, sal…

Offset account

Home loan tip - Offset account If you’ve always got a reasonable account balance in your transaction account, then cons…

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