5 milestones where you should consult a financial adviser

November 25, 2016
Simone Ruddock

Do you visit a dentist to check on your teeth? Do you visit a mechanic to get your car serviced? Do you visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor to sort out those sporting injuries? I assume the answer is yes to all of these so why are people reluctant to consult with a financial adviser?

A financial adviser is not a professional to talk to just when you have surplus money or when you’re close to retirement, they are someone you should visit at any time throughout your ‘financial journey’.

Click here to go to the money chat video “What’s a Financial Plan?”


A new job

A job change often means a change of income and sometimes are change in superannuation fund. A Financial Adviser can help review your financial plans, consolidate superannuation funds and advise the superannuation fund right for you.


Expanding your family

A Financial Adviser can help you put plans together to cope with the additional expenses of having children, how to get through a time period when your family’s income may be reduced and planning for your child’s education


Buying a home

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases any of us will have in our life – just to meet the dream of most Australian’s, to own their own home. You’ve consulted with your mortgage broker to ensure you get the loan most suitable to your needs but you also need to consult with your Financial Adviser to ensure your income, your life and your assets are appropriately protected.


Preparing for retirement

Will you have enough income for retirement? Will there be an aged pension when you retire? Will you have to fund your own retirement? All good questions and all difficult to answer.

You should work through the Retirement Income Calculator by following the link here. Click on the video and then on the ‘free investment health check’ button when ready to proceed.

After doing this you should consult with our Financial Adviser to put plans in place so your retirement income is what you expect and/or need.


General Life events

Just like the questions at the top of the page relating to when you should visit the dentist, mechanic or physiotherapist there are many milestones throughout your life when you need to check all is on track. You’re good at what you do – your job, your sport, being a parent etc but don’t leave the financial part of your life to chance, ask an expert.

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