Foundations for Financial Wellbeing

November 29, 2016
Peter Ruddock

Step 1 on the Experience Wheel was finding out what's important to you so we can start thinking of some solutions to help you meet your goals. I would like you to start thinking (and making a list) what's important to you. Refer to the attached file here - there's a blank form and then one with some ideas to prompt your for thinking about what is important for you.


Yes, we can think about loan products:

  • fixed versus variable interest
  • offset, redraw, etc
  • Principle & Interest versus Interest Only
  • Big bank/non bank
  • etc.


But what about the 'bigger picture' things like:

  • do you have a written budget and/or savings plan?
  • how soon do you want to pay off the loan?
  • are you interested in wealth creation?
  • do you have adequate cover if things don't go to plan (have you insured what you can't afford to lose?)
  • have you thought about retirement?
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