How much should you pay for your home?

September 27, 2017
Peter Ruddock

You need to work out how much you’re prepared to pay (we can help with property reports for your chosen property). Ultimately the property is worth what someone is prepared to pay but do your homework so you have a good idea of what it will sell for.

Never rely on the real estate agent selling the property for guidance on how much to pay – remember they’re working for the vendor so it’s in their interest to estimate high. Also they’re probably being paid a commission based on a percentage of the selling price. The higher the price, the more they get paid.

Never tell the real estate agent what your budget is because they will base their sales pitch based on what you’re prepared to pay.

Walk the streets in the local area, research online, look in other real estate agent windows, read the local paper – all good guides to work out what properties are selling for in the area.

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