November 17, 2017
Peter Ruddock

Are you interested in ‘doing lunch’? There are approx. 20 lunchtimes on working days each month so what a great time to share with a business colleague! We all eat lunch each day (we should) and it’s an excuse to get out of the office rather than drop crumbs on your keyboard.

I’m not talking about a boozy lunch that goes all afternoon (although that can be good at times), but just a healthy sandwich or noodles or salad, etc from one of the small businesses near the office.

I'm not expecting you to buy me lunch and I'm not going to buy yours.

We probably won’t solve all of the world’s problems in one lunchtime but we can share ideas and learn from each other.

If you think this sounds like a good idea then call me (0411 220 083) or email me ( and we’ll make a time to share lunch.

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