Property Investment

November 23, 2016
Simone Ruddock

Whether you're a first time investor or you have an investment portfolio of multiple properties we can help you. We can help you get the loan needed to purchase an investment property or we can refer you to one of our investment specialist who research the market throughout Australia and find properties they believe to have the best return. 

Don't leave it to chance - Mortgage Choice work with 5 different investment property research companies to help you find the right investment purchase. Be serious about purchasing the right property in the right market at the right time and take all the necessary steps to insure your investment property purchase is made with your end goal in mind.
Each of the investment research companies have different ways of engaging with you (the customer) from group workshops, to seminars and one on one meetings. Each specialises in different types of properties:
- off the plan new apartments
- townhouses, units, apartments - new to established
- house & land
- commercial properties

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