The Experience Wheel

November 29, 2016
Peter Ruddock

Click here for what I refer to as our 'Experience Wheel' - it shows the process we follow when working with you.



  • step 1 which involves us getting an understanding of you, where you are currently and then understanding your goals of where you want to get to and/or achieve
  • to step 2 - analysing some solutions and discussing whether they help you achieve your goals
  • to step 3 - helping you build or expand on your financial foundations
  • to step 4 - implement the actions we've discussed at steps 2 & 3
  • step 5 - time to celebrate and/or acknowledge we've achieved and completed the required actions
  • and, of course, step 6 reinforces this is an ongoing process so we'll check in with you to ensure all is going to plan and reminding you we are here to support you as life changes, goals change, etc and we'd love to help your friends, family & colleagues through the same process.  
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