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Welcome to my blog.

We'll keep you updated and informed about what's happening in the property & finance market in New South Wales and Australia.  We will also try to demistify many concepts of the lending and finance market though our posts.


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Phil Wheatley

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Asset Finance for Small Businesses

Asset financing for small businesses With 30 June just weeks away, small businesses can take steps to prepare for the e…

Refinancing to Consolidate Debt!

Many Australians have multiple forms of debts such as home loans, car loans, personal loans or credit cards. With multi…

What is the right Home Loan for you?

What is the right Home Loan for you? Don’t settle for a home loan that isn’t a suitable fit for you. We know that find…

Benefits of using a Mortgage Broker!

Benefits of using a Mortgage Broker   Buying property - whether it's a home you plan to live in or something you plan…

Why Refinance?

Reasons to refinance   Secure a better interest rate One of the key reasons home owners choose to refinance t…

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