Bond Forfeiture

August 28, 2017
Raymond Teh

The article provides a list of the 10 worst postcodes for bond forfeiture in NSW. They are in areas where high rental yield can be expected. There is no such thing as a free lunch or good rental income so to speak. Provided your lifestyle is not adversely affected by low rental income, it is logical to purchase properties with high capital growth potential over high rental income. The ATO penalises income significantly more than wealth:

• Rental income is taxed yearly whilst wealth is not taxed unless the property is sold. The deferring of tax payments indefinitely will compound total assets over time.
• Aged pension is reduced once an individual earns more than $168/fortnight or $4,368 per annum. In contrast, an individual living in a $30 million abode is eligible for aged pension
• There is no inheritance tax in Australia (yet)


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