NAB Under the Table (UTC) Home Loan Offer

July 24, 2017
Raymond Teh

Under the table offers (technically known as pricing discretion) refers to a lender offering more discounts off the website published rate for new customers. Below are NAB UTC rates secured for our clients recently.  Compared to the previous month:

1. more discounts are given for owner occupied  loans on P+I repayment

2. discount for investment or IO repayment loans' has been pared back. 


UTS offer fluctuates weekly. Adopt at own risk.   


OO P+I       SVR               Discount       UTC Rate

>$250k        5.24%             1.30%          3.94%

>$750K       5.32%             1.39%          3.85%


OO IO           SVR              Discount       UTC Rate

>$250k         5.77%           0.95%            4.82%

>$750K        5.77%           1.00%            4.77%


Inv P+I         SVR               Discount        UTC Rate

>$250K        5.80%            1.41%            4.39%

>$750K        5.80%            1.46%            4.34%


Inv IO           SVR             Discount         UTC  Rate

>$250K        6.25%          1.29%             4.96%

>$750K        6.25%          1.39%             4.86%


UTC offers are not available to fixed rate, basic variable, a line of credit and mortgaged insured loans i.e. what is quoted on NAB website applies. 


Until 30th August, NAB offers $1,400 cash rebate for purchase or refinancing.  


RT 24/7/17

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