St George Home Loan - Pricing Discretion

June 13, 2017
Raymond Teh

Pricing discretion is a technical term of a lender offering discounts off published rate for new customers. These rates are cheaper than the standard discount provided under the professional package. Pricing is determined by the pricing department, not your branch manager or mortgage broker.

Rates below are St George's indicative rates after pricing discretion for its standard variable and 3 years fixed rate. The loan must be secured by an owner-occupied property and on principal + interest repayment. When determining rates, St George does not discriminate loans with high lending ratio i.e. mortgaged insured loan.

Loan Amt (P+I) SVR          Discount      Real Rate

>$750,000        5.30%        1.35%         3.95%

>$500,000        5.30%        1.25%         4.05%

>$250,000 5.30%               1.10%         4.20%

>$150,000 5.30%                0.70%        4.60%

3 Yr Fixed Rate (P+I) with Advantage Package. 3.83% i.e. 0.05% further discount.

Pricing fluctuates from week to week. Adopt at own risk.

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