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July 14, 2017
Rebecca Crommelin

We love helping our clients with their every financial need. We understand that everyone's financial situation and needs are unique, but we wanted to share a couple of our recent client experiences with you so you can get to know all the different ways we help people, just like you, to achieve their goals.  

Go on and have a scroll, as our team of broker's share their recent client success stories.  

Client Success Story One

"I had a prospective client who was referred to me as he was disgruntled with his current Broker / Bank as they could not get him a better deal than what he already had. 

I went on to do a fact find & needs analysis with the client and find out a little more information from him to enable me to get the clients a much better deal with the same lender and save them over $300 a month in repayments. Even though we did not change lenders and we did not get remunerated for the work, I was really happy to save the clients almost $4000pa. The clients since then have contacted me and we are in the process of doing a Home Loan to purchase a new home."

Client Success Story Two

"I had a First Home Buyer contact me back in December 2016 looking to buy her first home but she had little savings. The savings she had wasn't enough to buy a new house that she was looking at. But I was able to tell her how much savings she needed to buy her dream first home. The client saved hard for 3 months and got to her savings goal. She then placed an offer on her dream home and moved into it in June 2017!"

Client Success Story Three

"I had a customer approach me seeking funds for their new home. The location of their home was considered high risk, with most lenders not willing to accept an application and they had already been declined by a major bank. After plenty of research with our panel of lenders, I found a bank willing to accept the application and secured a fantastic rate below 3.9%, which has now settled. A major turnaround for the customers who are now enjoying their new home."

Client Success Story Four

"The clients originally came to us in October 2016, they had a contract of sale with their offer accepted on a home in Roleystone. During the loan application the sellers decided not to sell the home and terminated the contract of sale. We changed the client's application to a pre-approval and they placed an offer on a new home. They have now settled and moved into their new Roleystone home in May 2017. They have told us that they are since happy that the previous sale didn't go ahead as they love their new home more than the last. There was some positive out of the disappointment."

Client Success Story Five

"A customer from the Eastern States approached our team at Mortgage Choice Perth requesting funds for a new construction on their existing land. The customer's income was very borderline with most lenders not willing to accept salary sacrificing arrangements. After plenty of research, we found a bank that accepted the use of salary sacrifice and offered a fantastic rate below 3.9% on a construction. In the end, we got the loan approved and the customers are now enjoying their new build project."

Client Success Story Six

"I had a customer approach me to assist with the purchase of their new home. I was able to secure an approval for these customers 1 day after submitting their application. A fantastic result to speed up their plans on moving into their home. These customers are now in the process of creating a protection plan with our financial planner. "

Client Success Story Seven

"One of our existing clients had approached us on a second occasion requesting a re-structure of their current debt arrangements and the build of 2 new investment properties. In total, we restructured 5 of their loans and are now in the process of getting their investment properties built."

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