Making the dream of a beachside home a reality

July 29, 2016
Josephine Briest

Reece Hogan, mortgage broker in Perth’s northern suburbs, looks at how securing a home loan in Perth is the first step in making personal dreams come true. Call Reece on 0411 258 359 to help your Perth property dreams become a reality or read on to discover how he helped one couple achieve their long term goal.

Buying or building a home is so much more than a major transaction for most Australians. The goal of owning our home remains a powerful motivator for many of us, and that was certainly the case for one couple I recently worked with.

Ged and Sharon owned a beachside block of land, which they had purchased three years earlier. It’s a great spot in a lovely suburb full of community spirit – the sort of place many of us would love to call home.

Along with their two children, Ged and Sharon dreamed of building a home on their land. And through a referral from a friend, they contacted me at Mortgage Choice servicing Perth’s northern suburbs to decide the best way to fund the construction of their new home.

Deciding the right loan to make the dream a reality

As a couple, Ged and Sharon were clearly focused on achieving their goal, and we quickly formed a strong connection. I worked with them to decide the loan and lender most suitable to their needs - as they were building a new home, a construction loan was the ideal choice. And while I worked with the lender to make the loan happen, Ged and Sharon were free to focus on the design of their new place.

It was an exciting time for Ged and Sharon however as anyone who has been involved with building a home will know, the construction process can be stressful. I often received calls from Sharon who was concerned various aspects of the build, and I felt it was important to always be available to speak with the couple, reassure them and let them know I was there to help.

Ged was especially appreciative of my calls letting him know how the various stages of the construction loan – and the building work – were progressing.

A place to call ‘home’

Throughout the process, Ged, Sharon and I formed a close friendship. More importantly, the couple have achieved their personal goal. Their beachside home is nothing short of spectacular, and as Sharon explains, the family plan to call it ‘home’ for many years to come.

You can learn more about Ged and Sharon by viewing the video right here.

To make your home buying or building dreams a reality, call me Reece Hogan at Mortgage Choice servicing Perth’s northern suburbs on 08 6142 8272 or 0411 258 359. Or email me at and discover how the right home loan can be the first stepping stone to achieving your property goal.



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