How do first homebuyers benefit by using a Mortgage Choice Broker?

June 30, 2016
Vicki Wisely

On July 1st, 2016, Queensland’s First Home Owners’ Grant increases by $5,000 from $15,000 to $20,000 for one year.  Our local market is currently in great health and there are plenty of lifestyle options for homebuyers in most price brackets with interest rates at history making lows.

With that in mind, we are experiencing an increase in enquiries from those looking to take their first tentative steps on to the property ladder and they all have one thing in common – they’re nervous (actually, usually terrified) and confused. 


How do first homebuyers benefit by using a Mortgage Choice Broker?  


To answer the question, lets (kind of) change the subject for a minute and think about buying a car. 

You just want a car to get you from A to B.  Simple?  No, within minutes there’s an overload of questions and options.   

How much can you afford? Auto or manual? What size engine, fuel type, 2 doors or 4, boot or hatch, SUV or zippy? Holden, Ford, Kia or Daihatsu. Then there’s the model and colour?  Are the on road costs and GST included in the purchase price? Are any of the makers having a run out sale or offering roadside assistance?

Who can you speak to that just wants to make sure that you make the best possible decision based on your wants, needs and budget?

So now lets go back to buying your first home and the benefits of a Mortgage Choice Broker.

Buying a home sounds easy but once again it doesn’t take long before you realise that it isn’t.  It quickly becomes confusing and frightening, especially when you consider the amount of money you are spending.  Buying a home will most likely be the largest amount of money you will ever spend on a single item.

And the questions and options are filled with jargon you have either never heard of or fully understood how it would apply to you – let alone what it will cost.

Fixed, variable, LMI, guarantors, stamp duty, offset accounts, contracts, finance clauses and conditions.  Which lender is right for you and who has the best rates and offers at the moment?  When should you have home insurance? Who is your conveyancer?  Conditional, unconditional, settlement – and on it goes.

Renee Polden and the team at Mortgage Choice in Robina will guide you through the entire purchase.  It’s not ‘just about the finance’ for us, its about making sure that you have support before, during and after.  We will communicate in plain English so you understand what you are doing and feel confident in what you decide.

Renee is going to listen to your goals both now and into the future.  She will tell you the fees & costs, she will explain the jargon and even talk to you about the First Home Buyers Grant.

She will assess your financial needs across a panel of about 23 different lenders with around 400 packages then discuss your options with you.  And when you are ready, she will apply for your pre-approval without impacting on your credit report. 

We can help you with contact details for all the other experts that you might need along the way.  And they are businesses we have worked with before and know you can trust.

When you find the home you love, Renee will move forward with your formal application and if you like we can even arrange for free insurance coverage for your home while you move forward to settlement. 

Victoria will take the pressure off you by keeping in touch with your conveyancer & lender, making sure that everything runs smoothly.  She’ll keep you up to date and explain it all.  When the time comes, she will have all of your documents and paperwork, ready to sign and she will be one of the first with a ‘Congratulations!’ call.

Once you settle and move into your first home, you stay important. 

We’ll call in the early days to make sure that your lender is taking care of you and that you are confident with the way your accounts and repayments work.

And over the years we’ll touch base to make sure your mortgage still suits your needs and let you know if there have been changes to interest rates and lenders options that you could be saving money with.

So how do first homebuyers benefit from using a mortgage broker?  At Mortgage Choice in Robina, we look after you before, during and after – not just 'for now'.

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