Nifty ways to save money you might not have considered.

February 24, 2017
Vicki Wisely

Budgeting and Saving.  Why is it that when you think about these two words the day ceases to be sunny and nothing seems fun anymore.


But what if you challenged yourself to keep your lifestyle the same but live on less money? How much could you save just by changing the way you do the things that you already do?

We came across a few really interesting ideas that are totally different from the traditional ‘turn off the lights’ and ‘fix leaking taps’.

Could you be making better choices for a better life?



Got a spare room?  Get a Housemate.  Sure it’s not always ideal but remember its all short-term pain for a long-term gain.  Housemates provide you with money towards rent, share the utilities and sometimes the grocery bill too.  If you’re lucky, they even bring a great range of DVDs.

Start by asking your close friends first as quite often they are saving for the same goals or can recommend someone else.  Living with a friend gives you to ability to make big savings but at the same time hangout with someone you normally would.


Buy in Bulk and Save

While you’re chatting with your friends, start a discussion about buying in bulk.  Heading down to the markets and buying a box of mangoes, then splitting it between a few friends can save you plenty. 

Bulk buying is perfect for meat, fruit and veg and day-to-day items like washing powder, toilet paper etc.  Each person agrees to bulk buy in a nominated category, with a budget up to an agreed amount.  Then on Sundays, meet up, have a quick coffee, divide it all and sort out the money.


Car Pooling (or biking it)

Start a car pool.  This can be a great way to save money on fuel and spare the wear and tear on your vehicle.  Plus, lets face it, after a hard day its lovely to hop in the car and have someone else worry about the traffic.  Some insurance companies will lower your policy cost for using your car less, so check with your insurer as it may be worth changing to one that does. 

Or are you lucky enough to work close enough to be biking it?  Great for your health and fabulous for your savings.


Changing jobs or Changing Address

Speaking of working close… maybe its time to think about changing the work scenery or applying for a transfer to somewhere a little closer to home.  Saving on travel costs is the same as a tax-free pay rise. 

If you cant change the work address, consider changing yours closer to work.  It’s worth having a look around to see if you could be paying less rent, saving on the commute and getting more bang for your buck.  Many complexes now include fabulous facilities including a gym.  If you are currently paying for a gym membership its worth crunching the numbers to see if a move could save in ways you hadn’t considered- and don’t forget, now we have a housemate who helps with the bills.

There are so many ways to save if you start to think outside the square.  We would love to hear if you have tried any of these tips and if you have, how much of an impact did it have?  Maybe you have some tips of your own you would like to share – call us on 07 5562 0748, email Vicki or visit our website 

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