What could you have in common with the Crystal Castle in Byron Bay?

June 21, 2016
Vicki Wisely

I read this article in the local Gold Coast Bulletin ‘Byron Bay man mortgages property to buy world's largest amethyst geode for Crystal Castle'.  Now not all of us want to buy 2 x 5.5m tall crystals but isn’t it wonderful that he could achieve something so important to him, by tapping into the equity in his home.   

We all have something important that we want to achieve, gain or realise and it’s not always the obvious kitchen renovation (while that can be significant in itself). 

Perhaps you’ve stood at the kitchen window and thought how much you would use the backyard, if only you had an outdoor area where you could entertain.  What about a pool, with a slide or a landscaped Zen garden with a water feature?

Maybe a ‘man-cave’ would give him somewhere to put on the sport and sort out his tools.   Or a ‘she-shed’ would give her the space to set up the sewing machine without the kids walking all over the fabric. 

Or did you by the house as a fixer upper 10 years ago and now it’s just an ongoing argument of ‘when we have time and money.’ Imagine being able to just pick up the phone and book in the trades. 

Could adding a granny flat solve the problem for elderly relatives who still want to be independent but need a loving eye and ear nearby?  Or could it bring in some rental income, maybe keep the kids at home but give them (and you) some much-needed space?  

Perhaps you have been missing loved ones overseas and a special occasion would be all the more special if you could just turn up and surprise them. And the kids are reaching that age where before you know it, they will be off doing their own thing and that family holiday will never happen. 

If your property has increased in value in the time that you have owned it, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you achieve some of those dreams or put some ticks in the boxes on the bucket list?  

Well maybe you can.

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