What is a 'Conveyancer'?

February 29, 2016
Vicki Wisely

What is ‘a Conveyancer’?

Here at Mortgage Choice in Robina, on the Gold Coast, one of the questions we are often asked is ‘What is a Conveyancer?’  

Whether you are a property buyer or a seller there comes a time for the legal process.  For this, it’s a really good idea to engage a licensed and qualified professional.  While you certainly can do your conveyancing, there are times when the outcome can justify the cost.  

So who or what is a Conveyancer and what do they do?

A Conveyancer is usually a Solicitor or at least licensed to provide advice and information regarding the sale or purchase of a property.  They can:

  • Prepare and coordinate your legal documentation
  • Represent and respond on your behalf during any discussions with the other party (for example extension to time, title queries, contractual disputes)
  • Perform Title Searches, check for encumbrances such as easements, zoning issues or caveats
  • Hold deposit monies in a registered Trust Account
  • Calculate rates payments, taxes or any other fund disbursements
  • Coordinate cheques for disbursement at the time of settlement
  • Conduct and attend the settlement process and
  • Arrange for Title Transfers

The Conveyancer will also communicate and work hand in hand with your broker (or financier), Real Estate Agent and any other potential party involved in the contract (eg builder).

Your Conveyancer will keep you advised of critical dates within your contract and keep you (and the other party) on track for settlement.

Conveyancers can also be engaged to assist with land subdivision, change of title (the name of the person registered as the land owner) or to amend or remove an easement on a property.

How do you choose a reliable Conveyancer?

Here at Mortgage Choice in Robina on the Gold Coast, we have several Conveyancers we would be happy to introduce you to. Call us on 07 5562 0748, visit our resources page Mortgage Choice in Robina - Renee Polden - Resources or email me: renee.polden@mortgagechoice.com.au

You should feel comfortable communicating with them and feel informed right from the beginning.  They should be able to advise you of their fees and charges upfront and its important that you know their business hours and best method of contact.

Remember, buying and selling isn’t always straightforward so it’s important to have a Conveyancer who is focussed on your best outcome.

When you’re looking for a home loan, speak with the home loans specialist. Renee Polden, Mortgage Choice in Robina, your Mortgage Broker on the Gold Coast.

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