Citibank Ready Credit Review

October 30, 2014
Richard Ferguson

Citibank offers a range of flexible unsecured credit cards – one of their most flexible is their Ready Credit product. The product is a flexible line of credit that allows you to purchase goods and services or withdraw cash as you need. You can apply for a credit limit of between $48,000 and $60,000. One of their great features is that you can opt for an introductory rate of 5.90% for two years or 8.99% for four years. You can access these rates by using up to 80% of your credit limit (for the 2 yr offer) within 90 days of activating your card – so it is great for an alternate way of financing a trip, a car or some renovations. The default variable rate is 19.49%, so you need to make sure that you repay what you need before the end of the introductory period.


Access to the account is via Visa Debit card with Paywave – a cheque book is optional. There is a one off $99 application cost. You can use the card at any EFTPOS terminal and cash withdrawals are free at SGB and Westpac ATM’s as well as any Post Office. The card can be used worldwide at any PLUS ATM, so it can be handy as an emergency travel card.


Citibank have full internet banking – so you B-pay or “pay anyone” with the line of credit. Their internet banking is PC, tablet or Smartphone based with IOS and Android apps available.


The card also offers some additional “insurances”, one being their Guaranteed Pricing Scheme – which enables you to receive a refund of the price difference, up to $500, when you purchase a product using your Citibank revolving credit account, which later goes on sale.


You can also access their Citibank Dining Program which offers a free bottle of wine with dinner at many restaurants including the Inner West favourites at Le Pub Balmain and the 3 Weeds Rozelle.

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