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Construction loans | Mortgage Broker Fremantle, Bicton & Palmyra

Building your dream home is so rewarding - but do you have the right financial foundation to build one? That's where I can help! As your local Mortgage Broker in Fremantle, I will tailor my recommendations for both your life and your new home.

Building from a strong financial foundation

If you’re thinking of renovating your current residence or are looking to build your dream home from the ground up, you’ll need to consider a construction loan. As your local Fremantle Mortgage Broker, my job is to find a way to get you into your dream home, in the most affordable way. 

A construction loan is a great option for anyone considering a new build or major renovation. It is created to reflect the building progress stages, so you're only using the funds in stages and therefore only paying interest on the amount you have used. But, there are lots of things to think about and fees along the way. 

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Let's make your dream home a reality

  • It all starts with a conversation. I’ll get to know you, your goals and your budget and figure out what you need from your construction loan to make your dream a reality.
  • Finding a tailored construction loan: As your local Fremantle Mortgage Choice Broker, I have over 35 lenders on my panel to choose from. That gives me a really wide range of loans to consider for your big project. I'll find one that feels tailored to you - as it should be.
  • Managing the finance side of things: Once you have decided on your construction loan, I'll manage the project from application to settlement. I’ll work closely with you and your builder, keeping you updated throughout the process and making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Leave the numbers to me: I know how complicated construction loans can be, with different numbers and costs flying around at different times. I’m a bit of a numbers geek, so you can leave the number crunching to me while you focus on designing your dream home.



Your Local Broker

Hi, I'm Richard! As your local Mortgage Broker in Fremantle, I give my clients what the banks don't - choice. After searching through options from over 35 lenders, I will provide recommendations on which construction loan will see your dream home become a reality. 

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I would love to get started

I'm passionate about helping people achieve their dreams in the most affordable way. While I'm based in Fremantle, I can service all areas across Perth in person or by video call.

Let's get started! Call Richard on 0406 353 341 or request a call below.

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