5 things to ask your mortgage broker

March 22, 2014
Richard Windeyer

You have found the property of your dreams, and it is now time to find the finance to fund your new purchase. When looking for a property loan to meet your financial needs, it’s important to consider a range of aspects.  

Given that purchasing a home is in most cases the biggest financial commitment most people will make during their lifetime, it is extremely important that borrowers undergo careful research to help make the right decision. Try starting with websites and/or the property pages of your local and metropolitan newspapers when kicking off your research.  

Once you feel you have done enough of your own initial research into the property purchase process, the next step would be to visit your local mortgage broker to get more detailed answers that are directly related to your own personal financial situation.  

For example, while it is important to take the interest rate into account, a mortgage broker can assist you in thinking about some of the other aspects of acquiring a home loan that can impact the overall cost and length of time it takes to repay the debt, such as approval times, flexibility, features and extra costs.   

Here are five key questions that borrowers should ask their mortgage broker when applying for a home loan.

How long will it take for my loan to be approved? Applying for pre-approval of the loan amount is a good way to speed matters up for when a property purchase comes to fruition.

Can I choose when I want to make my repayments? Opting to half your monthly repayment and pay it fortnightly can make a big difference. This is because there are 26 fortnights in the year, meaning you can make the equivalent of making 13 monthly repayments.

Am I able to make additional repayments at no extra costs? It is often a good idea to ask if your lender and loan type allow you to make extra repayments. If so, ask if there is a limit to the amount of extra repayments you can make without charge, and how such repayments can be made – via a branch, internet banking, over the phone, etc.

Does my loan have an offset account and how can I use it to the best of my ability? Loans with 100% off-set accounts enable borrowers to link a savings account with their home loan account and ‘off-set’ that amount to reduce the interest accumulated on their loan. This is a great way for borrowers to stay in the green with their home loan repayments.

Can I switch from a variable to a fixed interest rate and vice versa? While borrowers have the option of switching loan types, it is important to know the costs involved and the pros versus cons of switching. Take your time when deciding on an interest rate type in the beginning, to avoid the extra costs that can arise when switching further down the track.  

These are just a few of the questions to keep in mind when visiting your mortgage broker.

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