Are building and pest inspections necessary?

June 05, 2011
Richard Windeyer

Are you are currently looking to purchase property?  Do you know about the pre-purchase inspections that should be carried out?  A building inspection is recommended, especially for houses, to ensure there are no major structural defects or faults that may result in extra costs either for you or that a potential buyer may come up against if you intend to sell down the track. Pest inspections are also highly recommended, again, especially for houses.  Contact me today on 0413 245 556 or complete our online form to discuss.

A building inspection may not be suitable if the property will undergo extensive renovation or structural alterations but it is better to be safe than sorry, right? Spending a few hundred dollars on a professional inspection may save you tens of thousands or more down the track.

If you are buying with the view to renovate or redevelop, it is important to check town planning and investigate whether there are restrictions governing the use of the site, such as if the property is heritage listed.

Things to check out when viewing properties:

  • Is the roof sagging?
  • Are there cracks in the walls or ceiling?Is the paint peeling in places?
  • What is the airflow and natural light situation?
  • Are there signs of pest remains (eg. dead insects, the smell of fly spray, droppings, etc)Has it been re-painted or re-carpeted?
  • This may have been done to hide issues with damp/mould.Does the plumbing make any sounds and is the water flow strong?
  • Does the wiring look safe?Is there asbestos on the property?
  • If it's a unit, what indications does the strata report give you about the condition of the property?

Your building and pest inspector should help you with delving into any issues you may or may not have spotted. Then you will need to consider whether you can afford or want to fix what?s needed or whether you can find a safer, better value property elsewhere.

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