Lake Macquarie town centre series...."Love the Lake"...

April 05, 2013
Richard Windeyer

There are 9 town centre’s that make up the unique lifestyle that is apart of Lake Macquarie City. There is something unique about each town centre and there surrounding suburbs.

What you will find in our town centre snapshots.

  • Where is ...?
  • Shopping options
  • Transport
  • Population
  • Parks and reserves
  • Schools
  • Entertainment and leisure
  • CafeGet outdoors
  • Parking
Click through & explore each town centre

I hope you enjoy browsing our Lake Macquarie Suburb profiles. Each give an overview of “each centre’s different benefits which contribute to the economy and lifestyle of Lake Macquarie City”.  

More specific links of interest to both residents and visiting tourist are below.

You will note there will be a strong theme of “Live the Life. Love the Lake” which forms part of Lake Macquarie branding.  

Sources: Lake Macquarie City Council, Charlestown Transport Access Guide, CityRail, Wikipedia, Google, Parkopedia, beanhunter.

With thanks to LMCC consent for use of logo's and creative elements.


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