You may be in a position to buy after all

December 17, 2014
Vanessa Geraghty

Do you fall into any of these categories: 

  • Do you have AAA credit rating?
  • Do you have an established credit rating, but showing difficulties in meeting your current loan repayments?
  • Do you have bad credit?
  • Do you have any listed defaults against your name?

What many people don’t realise when thinking about taking out a home loan or a new car loan, is that you don’t necessarily need a sterile credit rating to achieve this. 

There is most probably a lending institution catering to your specific circumstances whatever your loan history states, you just need to be aware of these lenders.

I have met many people over time who have unfortunately hit short term financial difficulties, but with a workable financial restructure and the right lender on-board it is possible to find financial freedom quicker than you realise.

Interest rates are the lowest I have ever seen them, although talk is already starting to take place about reviewing interest rates in 2015. As interest rates increase, lenders increase their lending requirements and credit assessment criteria. 

This makes it more difficult for the borrower. As the saying goes ‘there is no better time to get into the market than this time’, so maybe you can too.

If you have previously thought you just may not be in that perfect position to buy a home or a new car you have been looking at, then call me for a confidential discussion, you may be surprised….

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