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How good is your financial literacy - Part 5, LVR - Loan to Value Ratio

Today we are looking at the term “LVR” in Part 5 of the mini masterclasses on Financial Literacy. The term LVR stands for “Loan to Value Ratio”. The LVR is basically calculated by taking the loan amou..

How good is your Financial Literacy - Part Three - Broker vs Bank

Written by Andy Manuel, Mortgage Choice Blaxland & Penrith. How good is you Financial Literacy? Part Three - “Broker Vs Bank” Broker vs Bank…. Who gets you the better deal? Now I can hear you say..

How good is your Financial Literacy? Part Two - Redraw vs Offset

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is always good to get advice and get educated on financial matters, so that you can put yourself in the best position when making financial decisions. So, let’s ..

Budget 2017 - First Home Super Scheme

The 2017 budget was relatively quiet on the superannuation front compared to the raft of changes announced in the 2016 budget (many of which are coming into play on 1 July of this year). One of the i..

How good is your Financial Literacy - Part one, Offset Accounts

Many of us struggle to understand the financial jargon used in today's society, which can lead to making poor financial decisions. Coming from an educational background as a high school Maths teacher,..

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