New customer-centric marketing campaign launch

March 06, 2013
Teresa Samuels

Mortgage Choice is excited to launch this week its 2013 marketing campaign, ‘Know the feeling’. The creative draws on the heightened emotions customers experience when engaging the services of their Mortgage Choice broker or financial adviser.   

Mortgage Choice CEO, Michael Russell said, “Our new marketing campaign brings to life what we have learned from our customers over the past 20 years; Mortgage Choice understands that there is no emotional benefit in having a home loan but there is emotional relief in knowing you have the right home loan.”  

“The same feeling applies to financial advice; there is huge emotional benefit from knowing your money is working as hard as it possibly can for you.  

“In this new campaign, we are not playing it safe. We have a strong desire to be Australia’s number one financial services provider. To achieve this, we required a marketing campaign that was going to cut through the financial services marketing space. I feel the team has achieved this with the new campaign.”  

Mortgage Choice Head of Marketing, Danna Brown said, “The creative process began in 2012 with a deep dive into our brand essence. We focused on the core benefits of the Mortgage Choice service proposition and really narrowed down our target audience, their emotional triggers and key motivations. This provided us with the foundation for our creative strategy.”  

“Our customer-centric campaign elicits emotions that are designed to make our campaign memorable, and to entice prospective customers who want to share this same experience to contact Mortgage Choice.”  

We know what it means to our customers to have the right home loan for their needs. We are sure the new marketing campaign will ring true to our customers.

  The ‘Know the feeling’ marketing campaign, which kicked off officially on Sunday 3 March, includes new television commercials that are integrated across all mediums including press, radio, online, posters, outdoor, flyers, letter and EDMs.  

To get a feel for the new campaign, Mortgage Choice invites you to view the television commercials via the ‘Know the feeling’ mini-site:   

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