Make your property more attractive to buyers with these simple ideas

August 30, 2015
Robert Causovski

Many vendors favour selling in spring because the extra sunshine and longer days make gardens look better and, buoyed by warmer weather, buyers can be in a spending mood. However, spring can also bring a flood of properties on to the market so those wanting to achieve top price have to work extra hard to catch buyers' attention.

Tips to sell this spring

Spring Clean


Houses should be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered. Anything that detracts from a potential sale needs to be thrown out, put in storage or sold at the local market, garage sale or on eBay. The trick is to make the property look comfortable without having too many personal things. 

Street Appeal / Outside the Property


A neat entrance will enhance street appeal and leave a positive first impression. A good first impression will entice buyers to come in and inspect your property and ensures your property appears to be well maintained and taken care of. You may consider:

  • Painting or replacing the front door
  • Fixing the letter box
  • Tidying up the front garden by cutting down overgrown plants and trees and keeping the lawn neat.
  • Cleaning out garages and sheds to make them look more spacious
  • Ensure your house number is clearly visible.
  • Wash down and clean external walls, gutters and any outdoor furniture.
  • Update the garden by simply adding some mulch and / or planting colourful flowers. Both of these inexpensive methods will instantly improve the appearance of your garden.

Open for Inspection / Auction Day Checklist


It is important to ensure your property is impeccably presented on all open for inspection days and the auction day. Use the below checklist to make your home shine.

  • Remove any items that are cluttering the rooms and ensure everything is put in its place. Pack up any everyday living objects such as children’s toys in a box / basket and take with you when you leave the property for the open for inspection.
  • Bake fresh bread, cookies, etc. or brew fresh coffee just before the open for inspection begins. Friendly aromas are inviting and create a homely atmosphere.
  • Set the mood by putting on relaxing background music.
  • Use your best linen and towels to display; ensure they are clean.
  • Buy fresh flowers and display in numerous places to brighten up the place.
  • Keep bins out of sight, both inside the property and out.

Staging - The Way you live in your home and how you sell your home are two totally different things.

Position your furniture in a way that can help make the rooms appear larger if you can. It just may shorten the time your home is on the market and it may even get you your asking price!

Another good thing to do is to remove your personal artifacts. You don’t necessarily want a “shrine” of you on the wall - it looks a bit creepy to a lot of people, so take it down and let people visualise themselves in your home.

If the property is vacant, hire a home staging professional. The right furniture can turn an older home into a gorgeous, modern house.


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