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October 07, 2015
Robert Causovski

“Finding the right property in  the right market at the right price at the right time”

Finding the right investment property can increase your long-term financial security. Property research is the process to find the best properties that tailor-fit your personal financial position and goals.

At Mortgage Choice we deal with expert investment property research companies that do all the work for you, in finding the right investment property for you. They take into account your budget and when you plan to actually purchase the property.


Blue Wealth Property are passionate about investment property. They know it is a powerful asset class that plays an important role in your wealth creation. Blue Wealth Property makes it easy to make great investment decisions. 

Research is the key to making sound investment decisions. Thorough, comprehensive research reduces risk and increases the potential for strong growth and healthy cash flows.

Blue Wealth has a proven track record of using research to identify growth markets, this has enabled thousands of their clients to build property portfolios and create wealth.

Every property approved by Blue Wealth has passed a strict criteria and undergone comprehensive analysis - this allows their clients to invest with confidence.

Research Methodology

Blue Wealth's research methodology has been developed by a team of industry professionals and combines years of experience, study and analysis. It is the country's most comprehensive, up-to-date research methodology.

Their research methodology adopts a 'macro to micro' approach and has three steps:

Step One - Macro Research

This step uses macro economic analysis to identify geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth. Their research indicates that the following factors impact the property market.

  • Employment and Economic Growth
  • Population and Demographic Changes
  • Infrastructure and Government Spending
  • Supply and Demand

Step Two - Micro Research

Once a region has been identified as having strong growth potential, Blue Wealth's process of micro research is then conducted. The micro research analysis includes:

  • Value
  • Transport
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Amenities
  • Rent

Step Three - Blue Wealth Index

Every property is then rated on a scale of 1-10 for its potential:

  • Growth and
  • Cash flow

Growth is the key for creating long term wealth, however they recognise that many clients are sensitive to cash flow and as a result Blue Wealth only approves properties that have scored at seven or above for both these categories. The Blue Wealth Index provides investors with a simple way to compare investments and ensure they acquire properties most suitable for their portfolio.

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