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The streets lined with beautiful heritage-listed buildings, Castle Hill has everything you could possibly need all wrapped up in a quiet and friendly community. Castle Towers has all the shops you could ask for to wear out your wallet, and the Castle Hill Heritage Park Reserve is perfect for a tranquil escape or a playful afternoon with the kids. The recently completed Castle Hill metro station makes your daily commute simple, and there are plenty of schools to suit your family preferences. 

Houses reached a median price of $2,100,000 in 2022 in Castle Hill, while the median price for apartments was $902,000. If Castle Hill is the place for you, contact Rupav Kwatra as soon as possible to start your home-owning journey on the right foot. 


Castle Hill construction loans

Building your own home is a hugely exciting time, although it can come with its own set of stresses. Your home loan shouldn’t be one of them! Construction loans are different to regular home loans in a few key ways, and your trusted mortgage broker in Castle Hill can help you understand and make informed choices about the best loan for you. 

The major benefit of a construction loan is that, unlike regular loans, you can draw down money progressively to pay for stages of the build. 

Generally, these stages are

  • Base and slab
  • Framing
  • Lock up
  • Fit out
  • Completion

This means you only pay interest on the money you have already used! However, construction loans also require lots of organisation and preparation. If you’re thinking of building, talk to Rupav Kwatra now - he can walk you through exactly what’s needed for your application and make sure you get the best loan possible. 


Free construction resources

Check out our free downloadable guides to learn more about building and renovating.

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