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September 22, 2014
Sally Boswell

Buying a property can be a stressful experience...

There's researching the market, looking for properties, attending open for inspections, dealing with real estate agents and ultimately putting in an offer or bidding at auction.

And if your offer or bid is unsuccessful, you then start the whole process again and again...

One of the most difficult parts in the property buying process is determining what a property is worth. 

You can do your research and follow the market but it still can be difficult, especially when you add competition from other interested buyers and negotiating with experienced real estate agents working for the seller.

To help our customers determine a property's value, we offer them a FREE RP Data property report.

These reports from property research company RP Data can tell you: -

  • The estimated value of the property
  • Sales history of the property
  • Details of recently sold properties in the area

Our customers find these reports invaluable in helping them determine a property's value and ultimately what they are prepared to pay.

Professional home loan advice and a FREE property report... Another reason to give us a call on 02 9565 4880 or click on the 'contact us' tab at the top of this page.


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