Property Advice before Selling or Buying

February 25, 2015
Rebecca Crommelin

Should you speak to a mortgage broker prior to putting your property on the market or making an offer on a property? 

I regularly see clients who sell their home or put an offer on a property before they consider what their current financial situation is.  

By speaking to a mortgage broker before falling in love with a property or deciding to sell, you can put in an offer or sell with the confidence and security of knowing what your financial outcome will be. 

By speaking to a mortgage broker prior to this process, you can also know your bottom line for a sale of a property.  

Many clients believe that approaching their current lender is the best option, however this is not always the case. Lenders have great competitive rates for finance at present, so it's worthwhile speaking to your broker so you can shop around for the best rate for you.


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