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Scott Stevenson

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Scott Stevenson

Scott Stevenson

As a highly successful mortgage broker, Scott has been helping his clients secure tailored home and investment loans for over 20 years.

Scott takes a holistic approach to the borrowing experience and is a one-stop-shop for anyone who likes the sound of:

  • dealing with just the one home and investment loan professional from start to finish
  • seeing him in the comfort of your own home, particularly in the evenings or on the weekend
  • knowing that he has 20 years mortgage broking experience and an extensive knowledge of current lending products, services and lending policies
  • knowing he does whatever research is required to provide borrowers with up-to-date solutions – research is quite often required in our ever-changing lending world
  • receiving advice prior to making decisions, such as how much you can borrow and what is the likelihood of loan approval
  • receiving detailed property reports to determine a property’s market value.

Scott is also a Commissioner for Declarations so when it’s time to get official paperwork witnessed, such as legal and loan documents, he can help you with this as well.

Scott’s passion and commitment have been recognised with numerous awards for client service, building lender relationships and overall achievement and excellence.

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