Looking for a home loan in Baulkham Hills? Five good reasons to speak with a local expert.

November 29, 2016
Josephine Briest

The Hills District is certainly a growth hub, and an area that is undergoing significant transformation. That makes buying property in the Hills area a popular option for both investors and home owners. But just as it makes sense spending time to find the right property, it’s also worth investing time finding the right home loan for your needs.

In fact, I recommend talking to Mortgage Choice servicing Baulkham Hills before you begin wearing out shoe leather inspecting properties for sale. Here are five good reasons why.

Know exactly how much you can borrow 

As a local Baulkham Hills mortgage broker with almost two decades of industry experience, I can tell you exactly what your borrowing power is. This important detail lets you narrow down the range of listed properties you are in the running to buy, so you won’t waste time looking at properties outside your price bracket.

Prepare for a loan application

Many home loan clients are unsure what they need to do to prepare for a loan application. As I work closely with a wide number of lenders I can explain exactly what lenders are looking for in terms of your deposit, your savings history and your personal income. This helps demystify the home loan process and streamline your application.

Chose from the home loans that suit your needs

When you start looking for a home loan in the Hills District it soon becomes obvious there is a vast array of products to select from. And it can be tempting to choose the loan with the lowest rate. But it may not be the loan that is right for your circumstances.

Some of the best home loans available through lenders you may not be familiar with. Other loans are only available through mortgage brokers like myself, and not the broader public.

The good news is that by using specialist software I can quickly sort through my extensive panel of lenders to find the home loan that meets your needs in terms of rate, features and flexibility. This ensures you get a great deal all round.

Enjoy streamlined the paperwork

Once you have selected your preferred loan, I’ll complete the loan application on your behalf, liaise with your preferred lender and keep you informed at every stage. It means you have more time to focus on finding the right property.

My home loan service is free to you

You pay nothing for my home loan service. I’m paid by lenders after your loan settles and unlike some mortgage brokers in Baulkham Hills, I am paid the same no matter which loan or lender you choose. So you have every assurance that I only recommend loans genuinely suited to your needs.

Take the first step towards achieving your goal of property ownership by calling me today on 0411 505 536. Or email me at scottpartridge@mortgagechoice.com.au.

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