Refinancing to Renovate Your Home

October 10, 2016
Lisa Stromborg

Australia is currently experiencing record low interest rates and many mortgage holders are taking advantage of this by refinancing their home loan.

With many banks and lenders offering deals and rebates to cover refinance costs for new customers, it is a highly competitive environment.  Along with securing a great rate and lower monthly payments in most cases, you can look at unlocking available equity to increase your lending for home improvements and renovations.

Refinancing and borrowing against the equity available in your property can also assist with debt consolidation to free up cash flow, purchasing a new vehicle or an investment property for future wealth creation.  Home owners are a diverse group of people, and that means there is also a whole variety of reasons why you may be thinking about refinancing.

Refinancing involves a full application to the bank or lender and requries supporting documentation regarding your income, liabilities, assets and monthly expenses.  At Scott Partridge Mortgage Choice we are dedicated to making the process simple and stress free.

View our short video A Guide to Refinancing here.

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