Renovating Houses for Fun and Profit

June 14, 2017
Lisa Stromborg

It seems Australians' love affair with renovating continues to blossomIt's impossible to turn on the TV without seeing shows about renovating houses or ads for renovation products, procedures or providers!

So, when the time comes, what will you do?  If you're handy with a hammer you'll probably go the DIY route.  If not, you'll get a tradesperson to do the job for you.  When it comes to renovations, money spent does not necessarily translate to money made. Unfortunately, many renovators get caught up with lifestyle choices and lose sight of the need to add value.  You need to be able to stand back and remove any emotional attachment to the house and think if you were a buyer, what would stand out first?

The key is to do your homework on local property values, understand your finance and capability limits and stick to them. Sometimes the latter can be easier said than done!  Break the process into three parts, interior, exterior and yard/garage.  Start with one area and then move on to each area, progressively.

If you need additional funds to tackle those renovations, talk to us about refinancing.  Contact us on 0411 505 536, email: or click HERE to arrange a meeting.

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