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The right car finance offers a very smooth ride. You focus on the car, while we work hard on a great finance deal

You focus on the car, while we work hard to give you a great deal on finance. We will search our wide panel of lenders to find you the right car loan.

At Mortgage Choice in Castle Hill, we understand there’s nothing like the feeling of driving away in a car of your own - whether it’s your first car, an upgrade to the family car or a new work vehicle.

We also know that your choice of car isn’t the only thing that matters – you also need to be confident that you have the right finance in place for your purchase. When you’re in the market for a car, it’s easy to accept the finance solution offered by your dealer or bank. But chances are you could save money by shopping around. And we know how important that is.

That’s where we can help. Mortgage Choice in the Hills gives you access to a wide range of lenders all competing for your business. You can access a range of car finance options, including personal and business car finance, novated leases as well as a full range of insurance options.  We can explain the options and help you decide which vehicle finance option is best suited to your needs - no matter whether you’re buying through a dealer or private sale.

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We can also help you with:

  • Car loan pre-approval
  • Car loan refinancing
  • Self-employed car loans

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We search through offers from over 25 lenders to find you the car loan that is suited to your needs. ~

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