What is a Home Loan Health Check?

October 03, 2016
Simon Allen

Here at Mortgage Choice in Camberwell we are pleased to offer our clients – both existing and new – a free home loan health check (HLHC). So, what does this mean and why should you think seriously about contacting us about one?

Many people simply take out a home loan and, whilst continuing to make their monthly repayments, forget about it. This approach could prove very expensive. People’s circumstances change over time and banks regularly change their policies and pricing. The increasingly competitive nature of the mortgage market means that new deals are constantly being offered. A HLHC will determine your home loan requirements and check that your existing loan is continuing to meet those needs at a competitive interest rate. If your circumstances have changed, or if your current loan is no longer competitive, we will suggest alternatives and calculate potential savings for you. There is no fee for this service and no obligation to act upon our recommendations.


If you would like to book a home loan health check, give Simon a call on 0439 841 539.

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