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It all starts with a goal, what's yours? Buy or build my first home and

The first step towards owning your own home is exciting and overwhelming.

It's natural you'll have plenty of questions - that's where we can help.

First home buyer's guide

Purchasing your first property can be an overwhelming process and there may be steps you are unsure or unaware aware of. This guide will walk you through all of the steps involved in the buying process.

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How can a broker help me?

Help you get pre-approval

Your broker could help to organise pre-approval so you can shop for your new home with confidence.

Support you along the way

When you're ready to move ahead, your broker will prepare all the paperwork and support you at every step to settlement.

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The home buying process

Step by step guide to what's involved in buying your first home, including the home loan process.

First home buyer incentives

Complete a quick online questionnaire to work out if you're eligible for any government assistance or concessions.

First home buyer FAQs

As a first home buyer, it’s natural that you'll have hundreds of questions to ask. We've compiled the top ones here for you.

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"I’d definitely recommend Mortgage Choice. If I had known it would be this easy to arrange a home loan and buy a place of my own I would have done it years ago!"


Andrew Ross - First home buyer
Melbourne, VIC

"The help our broker provided was amazing. I don’t know how many times we asked the same questions but he never made us feel like any questions were silly. He even took the time to explain our home loan to our parents. I have already recommended Mortgage Choice to my friends - I am just so happy with the way things turned out for us."


Ashleigh Dodds - First home buyer
Melbourne, VIC

"Prior to booking my first appointment with Mortgage Choice I knew entirely nothing about home loans and the housing market. My broker provided me with the knowledge, expertise and guidance to feel comfortable enough to take the plunge and buy my first home. I am very happy with the package that I ended up choosing and would return to Mortgage Choice again."

Gabriel Sciannimanica - First home buyer

"At the age of 29, with a $50,000 deposit and a six figure income, my bank was unable to give me a loan. After meeting with my Mortgage Choice broker, she clearly and effectively communicated my options and the process of purchasing my first home. Within 48 hours I had been pre-approved to almost double the amount approved by my bank."

James Paul - First home buyer

"I asked my broker thousands of questions, and she never made me feel like I was an imposition or that I was asking a stupid question – and that’s not something I could say about every service provider I encountered as a first home buyer. With the right help and support, buying a first home doesn’t have to be hard. My broker was lovely to deal with and she made the whole process so much easier for me."

Joanne Grady - First home buyer
North Lake, QLD

"Our broker did more than help us find a competitively priced loan. She was really interested in providing personal solutions and she provided good advice, explaining all the things we needed to consider as first home buyers. Mortgage Choice made it very easy to buy our block of land. The hard part is waiting for our first home to be built so we can begin living in it – that’s a day I’m really looking forward to!"

Portia Jonasi - First home buyer
Perth, WA

"I purchased my first home and to say it was a daunting experience is an understatement. It was a very confusing time. I have said to my friends multiple times that I don’t know how I would have actually navigated through it all without the support of my Mortgage Choice broker. She made everything clear and her customer service and knowledge of the industry was exceptional."

Sarah Nayton - First home buyer

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