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It all starts with a goal, what's yours? Buy or build my first home and

Money matters can be complex, but help is at hand.

A financial adviser is like a money coach, helping you get more from your money.

Gaining control of your money is a straightforward process, and it’s definitely a goal worth aiming for.

Sensible money management means having control of your cash, having the funds to handle an emergency, and not having to rely on debt. It can be the building block of personal worth, and ultimately help you achieve financial security. It’s an area where good advice can go a long way.

Personal money mentors

For many Australians, partnering with both a financial adviser and a mortgage broker combines the best of both worlds. Your adviser is like a money mentor, who works with you to work towards various goals spread out across the short, medium and long term, while your broker helps you select any loan funds needed to achieve those goals.

Understanding your needs

Your adviser will spend time getting to understand your circumstances, and from there, develop a financial plan to help you achieve your aspirations. No matter whether your goal is to become debt-free, buy a first home, grow a portfolio of investments, or make the most of your retirement, having a clear road map to follow can be the thing that lets you turn your goals into reality.

Your adviser will also help you develop a savings plans and recommend investments that can build personal wealth. This not only increases the range of life choices available to you, it can also provide the financial security needed to achieve your goals.

Tapping into borrowed funds to get your finances in order 

Some of our goals can only be achieved by borrowing money. This typically applies to home ownership but even goals that focus on lifestyle, like enjoying holidays in a caravan or weekends on your new boat, can sometimes only be achieved by borrowing the necessary funds.

This is where your financial adviser and your mortgage broker can work together, helping you understand your borrowing power, reviewing your budget to identify areas where you can free up extra cash, and recommending the loan best suited to your needs.

Of course, it’s always your money, and while your adviser and broker will make recommendations, you always have the final say in the choices you make.

Meeting with an adviser could be the first step in getting your finances in order, and with expert help, it can be far easier than you expect.

How can an adviser help me?

First, what does an adviser do?

Think of an adviser as a coach for your money - helping you to work out your goals and then organise your money to help you meet those goals, both now and in the future.

How does the process work?

Your financial adviser will meet with you to understand your goals, develop a personalised plan for you, put the advice into action and then continue to track and review your plan.

How does an adviser get paid?

Our transparent & consistent pricing tells you what you'll get for your money so you're always in control - no hidden fees!

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Sorting out savings

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