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December 07, 2016
Josephine Briest

If you’re in the market for a home loan in Surry Hills, chances are you’ve noticed that the choice can be overwhelming. On the plus side, interest rates are at historic lows and the mortgage market is highly competitive – lenders are keen for your business.

But that doesn’t mean you should accept just any loan.

As an experienced mortgage broker, I know there’s a lot more to home loans than the interest rate you pay. Sure, it can be tempting to pick the loan with the lowest rate but that doesn’t mean the loan is right for your needs.

Some cheaper loans can come stacked with fees - and they can be surprisingly inflexible. Equally, it pays to look beyond your everyday bank because some of the best loans can be offered by lenders you may not have come across before.
It can all sound confusing, and that’s why I recommend speaking with Mortgage Choice in Surry Hills before you start inspecting homes for sale or considering refinancing your loan. Take a look at some of the compelling benefits my team and I provide.

We explain your borrowing power

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with your dream property only to be knocked back by lenders because it’s beyond your borrowing capacity. As your local mortgage broker in the inner city, I can tell you exactly what your borrowing power is, which helps you narrow down the range of properties you can realistically afford – a real time saver.

I can also explain what your likely monthly repayments will be on a home loan. Again this is helpful because it lets you make adjustments to the household budget if necessary.

Most importantly, I take the time to understand your goals and what you are looking for in terms of the best home loan. Having the right loan matters because your mortgage is a major financial commitment, and I believe your home loan should suit your needs just as much as your property.

Pinpointing the right loan for your needs

Once I have a firm idea of your situation and lifestyle, I can pinpoint the home loans that are well-suited to your circumstances and the particular property you are purchasing or refinancing. You always have the final say but we are here to cut through the mass of information available and help you make that choice. Also one of the real pluses of dealing with Mortgage Choice in Surry Hills is that we complete the loan application on your behalf.

This isn’t just another valuable time saver. By handling the loan paperwork, we take the stress off you during the loan application process. We’ll even liaise with your lender - keeping you informed at every stage. It means you have more time to focus on finding the right property or enjoying where you already live.

Your interests come first

There are lots of costs to budget for when buying a home or investment property in Surry Hills and there are even costs to consider if you’re refinancing. So it’s good to know my home loan service is free for you.

I’m paid by lenders, and I am paid the same commission no matter which loan or lender you choose from my panel. So you have every assurance that I make your needs my top priority.

Start arranging your home loan in Surry Hills by calling me today on 02 9698 1800. Or email me at stephen.rossiter@mortgagechoice.com.au.


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