Mortgage Choice in Surry Hills now offers financial advice

June 12, 2013
Owen Evans

We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of Mortgage Choice Financial Planning!

We believe it’s important to help our customers protect themselves and their families, especially once they commit to servicing a home loan; and our customers have long been asking us if we can recommend a trusted financial adviser. By bringing financial planning in-house, we can meet both of those needs.

At Mortgage Choice Financial Planning, we are focused on making financial advice accessible and relevant to help you make the most of your hard-earned money.

Accessibility for all Australians, at any life stage

We believe in working with you to provide the type of advice you need relative to the life stage you are at, whether that be a single need (e.g. superannuation) or a full financial plan.

Fee for service, clear & transparent pricing

We have a clear and transparent pricing menu, so that you understand the cost of the advice and exactly what you will get for your money, before you commit to the process.

Mortgage brokers and financial advisers to remain experts in their own field

We firmly believe that your adviser and broker can't be the same person. Both fields are extremely complex and continually evolving, and it is not appropriate for one person to try to wear "two hats".

Our broad choice of investment products are selected based on expert industry research

‘Paid the Same’ policy – risk insurance

We have adopted the Mortgage Choice ‘Paid the Same’ policy for insurance, meaning our advisers have no financial incentive to recommend any one risk insurer from our panel over another so you can be sure you will get the right cover for your needs.

Our financial adviser, Derek Woo, can help you with personal insurance, superannuation and investment advice. Derek is available every day so call us on 02 9698 1800 to make a time to meet him and help make the most of your money.

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