Bushfire, flood or storm damage and your property.

January 31, 2014
Steve Hodgkinson

In time of a bushfire or a natural disaster when you may have only minutes to think of what to save, most of us will grab the kids, the pets, the family photo album and the first thing that you can lay your hands on. There may not be any logic to what you grab, as under stress we all react differently. As a result in these situations many valuable memories, treasured heirlooms and valuable assets are lost.

Landgate in recognition of the impact of natural disasters can provide some assistance to homeowners. In my opinion one of the most important services that Landgate provides in these circumstances is that upon application, they will provide replacement duplicate Certificate of Titles, which have been lost or damaged as a direct result of disaster. Best of all Landgate has indicated that it will be free of charge.

Apart from the title replacement service, Landgate also offers further assistance and services in times of disaster recovery, such as:

1.       Landgate’s MyLandgate system can assist with ownership details should problems arise and its Interest Enquiry Service allows analysis of all interests on land, including utilities and heritage information.

2.       Re-establishment of cadastral alignments to facilitate re-pegging of property boundaries to ensure accurate placement of dwellings and fences.

3.       Re-establishment of geodetic survey marks with affected areas to ensure stability of such marks used to monitor flood and engineering works.

4.       On-line access to aerial photography to assist agencies with location information, such as cadastre, topographic data, roads and property addresses.

Don’t forget that not only is Landgate and other government resources available to you in time of crisis but Mortgage Choice is there for you too. It may not be gamorous but we're there to help you with your mortgage and personal loans.

So if you have suffered as a result of a natural disaster and need help with your mortgage or personal loan, give me a call on 0457 227 227 or 9317 4814 and see what I can do to assist you with your finances.

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