WA is still one of the most appealing states for first home buyers.

May 30, 2014
Steve Sims

First home buyers (FHB) looking to purchase an established property may be feeling a little bit miffed following the State Government’s recent budget announcement around reduced stamp duty concessions.

However, WA is still one of the most favorable locations to buy your first home. In comparison to all other states and territories (with the exception of QLD), based on purchasing an established home for $450,000, the difference in stamp duty can be quite substantial.

Proposed changes for 1st July 2014

Under the proposed changes, stamp duty concessions will run out at $430,000, down from the previous limit of $500,000. If a FHB purchased a property for $450,000 in WA, they can expect to pay stamp duty of $3,838, whilst our eastern states counterparts can expect to part with between $11,382 to $20,057.

Another factor in favour of FHB is the fact that average housing prices have dropped over the last 3 months in Perth. According to the HIA-Commonwealth Bank’s recent release of housing figures, the average price of Perth housing has dropped 2.7% in the last quarter. This drop in prices is a positive for FHB as a lower purchase price will overall reduce the amount of stamp duty payable, lessening the blow of the new budget changes.

No First home owner grant changes

There were no changes to the First Home Owners Grant floated from the budget. The entitlements remain as follows;

• $3,000 for an established property

• $10,000 for a new or construction property

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