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Property guides | Pakenham, Officer & Beaconsfield

Got a few questions about property finance and the journey ahead? No problem! We have put together a range of useful property guides for everyone from the first home owner through to the next home buyer. Download yours today from Mortgage Choice in Pakenham.

Guide: The Retirement Gap | Blue Wealth Property

Put simply, most Australians are not going to retire on anywhere near enough money to sustain themselves during the long trek that is retirement. What they need, compared to what they have is 'The Gap'. And it's big. Download this e-guide from our partner Blue Wealth Property on how much you really need to retire on. If you have any questions, speak to the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield.

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Guide: Buying your first home | Pakenham

If you're buying your first home, you likely have some questions about the finance, the home loan application process and more. This guide for First Home Buyers from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield, covers all the things you need to know about financing and purchasing your first home.

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Guide: Step by step to property ownership | Pakenham

Buying property can be a big step. So the team at Mortgage Choice in Pakenham & Beaconsfield have put together this handy guide to talk you through the process, pros and cons and specific types of finance.



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Guide: Understanding Guarantors | Pakenham

A guarantor could be a strategy to help get you into your new home faster. Find out more about guarantors and why so many first home buyers use them with our free Guarantors e-guide from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield.

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Guide: Construction home loans | Pakenham

Constructing your home can mean differences in the finance available to you. Our free Guide on construction home loans and finance, from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield, will go through the options available to get your new home financed.

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Guide: Investing in Property | Pakenham

If you're looking to put your money to good use, you may be thinking about buying an investment property. But there is a lot to consider. Download the guide on Investing in Property from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield to find out more.

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Guide: Refinancing | Pakenham

If you have heard about refinancing, but not sure what it is, or need a few more details then our free e-guide on Refinancing from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield is for you!

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Guide: Buying your next home | Pakenham

There are a myriad of finance options available when buying your next home. Our e-guide on Upgrading and what to do next from the Mortgage Choice team in Pakenham & Beaconsfield will explain each of these finance options and what to do next.

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Guide: Conveyancing | Pakenham

Not sure what conveyancing is and why you need it? Our free guide to conveyancing from the team at Mortgage Choice in Pakenham & Beaconsfield will answer the process and why conveyancing is required in the purchase of a new home.

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Factsheet: Buying off the plan | Pakenham

Buying off the plan can mean a lot of different things when it comes to your finance. Download our free Factsheet from Mortgage Choice Pakenham to learn more about buying off the plan and what you need to know. 

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Factsheet: The different types of home loans | Pakenham

Before purchasing a property it's important to understand the differences between the basic types of home loans. To make it easier we've put together this handy Factsheet to help you learn more before making a decision about your home loan. Download yours from Mortgage Choice Pakenham today.

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