A word from our wise leader - is perception reality?

September 17, 2013
Rikki Stanley

I asked Stuart Pullar, our own wise and fearless leader,  to share some of his investment wisdom and property/finance market knowledge with me recently.

I love all the "home" side of home loans, but can certainly use plenty of extra knowledge about all the rest.

How about you? 

After Stuart read these two articles ( see links below), post election on September 11, 2013 he shared his opinion on  the post election market perception and reality.

Here's what he had to say, (you can read the articles via the links below his comments): 

"There has been a huge spike in both Business and Consumer confidence since the election.  

I agree that perception is reality when it comes to confidence.

It has been probably irrationally pessimistic for the year,  while we were waiting for the 9 month election campaign we 'had to have' to end,  so in many ways this reflects an attitude that the brakes are no longer being put on the economy,  rather than any real expectation of immediate improvement.  

Still I see it as a good sign that businesses and consumers alike may start taking a few more risks which in turn will create momentum in the markets."

Do you agree?  

The articles in reference: 

  1. "Coalition rhetoric a real confidence builder" by Michael Pascoe from The Age:  - see the full article here:  
  2. "Mining leads charge as business confidence surges: NAB" by Max Mason from The Sydney Morning Herald:- see the full article here:  

(Image courtesy of www.kudelka.com.au, 17/09/2013) 

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