FREE Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Service

June 03, 2014
Rikki Stanley

Buying an investment property? Understanding the tax benefits and financial performance of your investment can be a challenge. 

If you are thinking about purchasing an investment property and would like to get a better understanding of the potential tax benefits and financial performance of the investment, then Stuart Pullar from Mortgage Choice Ashgrove can help.


Reliable and cost effective information can often be a struggle to find, if you are not an expert.


Mortgage Choice Ashgrove and Stafford has recently purchased some powerful software that allows their home loan experts to work with you to model your proposed investment property purchase.


 This modelling will help you better understand the tax benefits, and financial performance of your proposed investment, before you make the decision to buy.


The Property Investment Analysis service, along with the home loan consultation, is at no cost to you. 


Stuart and his team simply want to provide better information and tools that will ultimately help you make informed property and investment decisions.


It’s simply a free value add for you.  No obligation, no strings, no fees.  Just better service.


It’s our way of standing out from the rest of the Mortgage broking crowd, and simply servicing our customers better.


  • To read more about this exclusive Mortgage Choice Ashgrove PIA service, please click here:
  • For a case study example using Mortgage Choice Ashgrove's PIA service, please click here:


If you are interested in finding our more about Mortgage Choice Ashgrove’s Property Investment Analysis Service, please give Stuart Pullar a call on 0414 408 535.

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