Going places with Macquarie Bank and Qantas Frequent Flyers!

October 01, 2013
Rikki Stanley

Do you love to travel, but fear that a home loan may just tie you to that one location, your home?

Well fear not, because Macquarie Bank and Qantas have come up with a solution!

Take out a Macquarie Bank “Flyer” home loan and you will earn Qantas Points.

And the best part is we can do all the paperwork for you, for free!

These new “Flyer” Home Loans from Macquarie, are available as a basic variable loan, Offset or Line of Credit are really worth taking a look at.

Now you might be wondering what’s in it for us in promoting such a deal with just one of the banks that we have on our panel?  

Well, not a lot really, it’s all about you!

We still get paid the same if you choose to go with Macquarie Bank, (or an alternative lender), but what’s in it for us, is that you, our client, gets rewarded over a long time period, by Macquarie. It’s a win for you and a win for us as a small business, because we have such a great product to give you, and the big businesses are covering the costs! Why wouldn’t we promote it!

The loans are very competitive in comparison to other lenders too, they have no ongoing account management fees, and you get more rewards, the longer you have your loan with Macquarie. It’s definitely worth looking at.

For example:

If you take out a $350,000 loan amount, (and keep the balance of the loan above $150,000) you will receive:

·         35,000 Qantas points credited at settlement

·         1,000   Qantas points each month for the life of the loan

·         25,000 Qantas points on the third anniversary of the loan

·         25,000 Qantas points on the fifth anniversary of the loan.

Now it’s pretty rare that people change lenders within 3-5 years of taking out their loan, let alone paying it down to under $150, so how easy is that!

Macquarie is pretty keen to let you know that, “You could earn 145,000 Qantas Points over five years on a $350,000 loan”.

That’s not bad for just having your loan there!

If you would like more information on Macquarie Bank’s: (just remember to come back to us to apply!) 

·         Basic Flyer Home Loan, click here.

·         Offset Flyer Home Loan Package, click here, or the

·         Line of Credit Flyer Home Loan Package, click here.

Or better yet, for more information, or to icompare this deal to your current loan package, please click here, or give us a call today  on 3366 9982 or drop us a line at stuart.pullar@mortgagechoice.com.au and we’ll be happy to do some comparisons for you.

You never know, you might just be able to go places with Macquarie and Qantas, while saving some money on your repayments as well!

Win Win WIN! 

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