Local Small Business Profile - Kelly Duffy from The Produce Bulk Foods in Ashgrove

April 02, 2017
Stuart Pullar

Stuart Pullar, Principal of Mortgage Choice at Ashgrove and President of The North West Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, invited local small business owner Kelly Duffy of The Produce Bulk Foods in Ashgrove to be his guest today at The Gap Farmers Market.

Check out Kelly's Local Business Profile series on our FaceBook page.

Kelly is a great local business owner who is passionate about helping people source the best produce and live an organic healthy life.  As well as being a place to buy great whole foods in the exact quantities you need it is also a great place for food, coffee and atmosphere.

Mortgage Choice Ashgrove is proud to be the major sponsor of The Gap Farmers Market at Hilder Road Primary School.  

Did you know?  The Gap Farmers Market is a not for profit organisation that donates funds to local primary schools and charities.  Its core mission is to provide local farmers, producers and makers the ability to sell direct to customers in The Gap and surrounding areas.  Come and enjoy a great morning of friends, live music, great food and get your weekly produce straight from the farm gate.

Throughout 2017, Mortgage Choice Ashgrove in conjunction with The North West Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, will host a local small business to attend a market stall.  

This is a great opportunity to network and get the word out about our fantastic local businesses.  It also supports the market, bringing in new people who haven't been to the market before (as hard as that may be to believe).

Come down and enjoy a great morning at the market, enjoy the great food, live music and meet some local businesses.  The market will be moving to a weekly format from mid March which is great news.

Come down and get involved with your local community.

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