Local Small Business Profile - Kyra Williams from 12 Round Fitness in Ashgrove

March 12, 2017
Stuart Pullar

Our guest today at The Gap Farmers Market Mortgage Choice Stall was Kyra Williams from 12 Round Fitness in Ashgrove.

Kyra has been a Personal Trainer in the Ashgrove area since 2014 and has been the owner of 12 Round Fitness in Ashgrove for a year.  

High intensity group workouts designed by professional athletes and trainers to help you reach and then smash your fitness goals. Built around functional strength, conditioning and sports-based cardio activities, 12 Round Fitness provides the ultimate ‘total body’ workout.

Check out Kyra's Local Business Profile series on our FaceBook page.

Special offer: Kyra is offering all new clients a free 5 day trial.  I have a small number of exclusive gift cards so please contact Stuart Pullar on 0414408535 to claim yours today.

Mortgage Choice Ashgrove is proud to be the major sponsor of The Gap Farmers Market at Hilder Road Primary School.  

Throughout 2017, Mortgage Choice Ashgrove in conjunction with The North West Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, will host a local small business to attend a market stall.  

This is a great opportunity to network and get the word out about our fantastic local businesses.  It also supports the market, bringing in new people who haven't been to the market before (as hard as that may be to believe).

Come down and enjoy a great morning at the market, enjoy the great food, live music and meet some local businesses.  The market will be moving to a weekly format from mid March which is great news.

Come down and get involved with your local community.

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