Property Investment Analysis (PIA) Service - What is it?

June 03, 2014
Rikki Stanley

Every client is different.

Mortgage Choice Ashgrove and Stafford’s  Property Investment Analysis (P.I.A.) Service is different. It's the edge and education that no other broker in Brisbane will give you. 

Identifying lending options that meet your needs comes as a key skill within Stuart Pullar’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a Mortgage Broker. 

Stuart’s passion is finding the best scenario for each individual client, and the P.I.A.  software service  gives him an edge to do this even better.

With Mortgage Choice Ashgrove’s Property Investment Analysis Service, not only can Stuart find you the best home loan to suit your needs, he can do more for you, by drilling down your numbers and helping you determine from a taxation and financial perspective, which structure , and even investment, is going to work the best for you in the long term.


What is the P.I.A. Service:

Mortgage brokers in general provide information that is limited to the actual loan costs of the home loan product. 

With our Property Investment Analysis service, in addition to the home loan costs, we can now help you consider the important issues of negative gearing and depreciation on your actual cash flow. 

In a nutshell, it builds a model to help you determine how your investment will work from all financial aspects, not only the loan side of things.


It can give you a head start

  • Stuart Pullar will work with you to prepare a model of your proposed investment property purchase.
  • The software then analyses how the investment will perform financially over the next 40 years.
  • Stuart then helps explain these findings in a way that is simple and easy to understand.
  • You are provided with detailed reports and a summary sheet of the findings to take with you to your accountant or financial advisor, or to use for your own reference.   


Seeking out the services of an Accountant or Financial Planner


The step of gathering detailed and specific information from an accountant in relation to negative gearing and depreciation can be a very expensive one. 

Many financial planners steer their financial advice away from property and on to shares, superannuation or insurances (which, in some cases, may be related to how they are remunerated). 

This modelling and education allows you to estimate the pre-and post-tax implications of your decision, now and in the future. 

It gives you access to that valuable information you need to take with you to the accountant, in order to be better prepared for your meeting, and ready to ask the right questions once you get there. 


Negative Gearing and Depreciation

These taxation components of a property investment are something that you need to consider based on your personal incomes and current tax position. 

It is recommended that you discuss these matters with your tax adviser, accountant or financial planner before proceeding.

However, Mortgage Choice Ashgrove can use the PIA tool to help you determine how these aspects of investing will affect your individual scenario, as part of your decision making process.

Many people with reasonable incomes and few allowable tax deductions (which is the case for many PAYG employees) will find that the tax benefits from negative gearing and depreciation have a substantial positive impact on the actual weekly cost of holding a property. 

Many people who think they can’t afford an investment property may be pleasantly surprised.


How the P.I.A. software works:

  • The investment property model requires a small amount of information about your personal position and your investment plan.
  • The P.I.A.S then applies a number of industry assumptions and trends to project the cash flow and performance of the investment over time.
  • You can then ‘tweek’ or play with the assumptions in the model to make it as conservative as you like and to consider the pros and cons of various investment strategies – capital growth v’s rental yield etc.


Please note:

The P.I.A.S. report provided by Stuart Pullar at Mortgage Choice Ashgrove or Stafford does not constitute financial advice. 

You will still need to make your own decisions and should still see your accountant or tax planner at your discretion. 

The P.I.A.S report will, however, provide a wealth of information that will guide your discussions and decisions efficiently and effectively when you do see your accountant or financial planner.

It will give you the right questions to ask your advisor, so you get the most value out of your meeting with them.


If you are interested in finding out more, or having your own property Investment ideas analysed,   please give Stuart Pullar from Mortgage Choice Ashgrove a call on 0414 408 535 or email him directly at

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