Property Investment - Who can educate you?

October 09, 2013
Rikki Stanley

Are you keen to invest, but want to make sure you have all the background knowledge and education you need to make a good investment,  before you commit? 

I was prompted by a client today who asked if we could recommend any good online companies where he could educate himself on investing prior to making the financial comitment with an investment portfolio. 

The short answer......Why yes we can! 

We highly recommend Blue Wealth Property and AviateGroup - Property for Investors. 

Both companies not only educate you on investing, but can help you find a good investment.

They regularly provide educational seminars, which teach you how to create wealth by investing in property. 

Blue Wealth has developed the industry's most comprehensive research methodology and they have an on-going commitment to educating Australians about property investing.

They regularly hold educational seminars designed to teach people how to create wealth and security in their lives.

Blue Wealth also has a video library, where you can watch and listen, rather than read and read. 

Video Library topics include:

  • How to find the Right Investment Property
  • Buying Property through your Super
  • Buying v's Renting

Aviate Group  take the uncertainty out of finding the right investment property, by providing a complete end-to-end solution for investors.

From initial inquiry through to independent market-based valuation, acquisition at or below this valuation, settlement, attracting tenants and beyond, they steer investors through the entire process.

Sound like something you might want further information on?

Well here's the links to their websites.

Just don't forget to tell them you heard about them via Mortgage Choice in Ashgrove - Stuart Pullar specifically!

And don't forget to come back to us when you need that home loan to buy your newly researched and found investment property!

We do pre-approvals too, always handy for investing! 

  • For Blue Wealth Property: click here
  • For Aviate Group - property for Investors: click here

(Image courtesy of by Nate Kay 9th Oct 2013) 

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